Slovak Elite Puppy Show
Slovak Elite Minor Puppy Winner
Slovak Elite Puppy Winner

Informations for exhibitors



Prestigious show only for minor puppy and puppy dogs of all breeds.  This show takes place at the same time as the Victory show – Champion of Champions. It might therefore be impossible to be able to show your dog at both this show and the Victory show – Champion of Champions due to schedule collision.

  • Exhibitors who do not enter the final competitions will leave the premises after the assessment.
  • The online catalog will be published on the website www.skjshows.sk/en/elite-puppy-show/ on the day of the exhibition from 8 am, it is not published in printed form.
  • Acceptance of the application will be confirmed by the entry letter. Owners of registered dogs print their entry sheets from the online system themselves (approximately 5 days before the show). Catalog numbers are also part of the entry form. Numbers are not issued at the exhibition. Exhibitors will bring the printed ones with them to the exhibition. Upon entry, they will be checked and the clipping will be taken from them as from a valid ticket, therefore the exhibitor cannot go to the exhibition grounds without a printed entry form.
  • After entering the premises, exhibitors go directly to the appropriate ring.
  • The entry of the results in the certificates of origin and the issuance of prizes will be in a specified area (marked on the map of showgrounds), where the specified distance must be observed.
  • At the show it is necessary to follow the instructions of the show committee.