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Entry fee

Name of the bank: Tatrabanka a.s., Hodžovo nám. 3, 81106 Bratislava
Name of the account: Slovenská kynologická jednota
SK73 1100 0000 0026 6708 0247

Bank and post charges are to be paid by exhibitors.

Entry fees 1. entry close 2. entry close 3. entry close
  7.2.2023 21.2.2023 12.3.2023
For each entered dog 30 € 35 € 40 €

The same fee is paid for all dogs/entries (without difference of class), even for the Slovak national breeds.

You will find all the needed payment data (bank account, amount to pay and a variable symbol) with your sent entry form in the online system. The closing date is also the deadline to pay the entry fee within the given closing date. 

It is compulsory to pay the entry fee within 24 hours after submitting the entry. Unpaid entries are automatically cancelled after 72 hours after entering without prior notice. The entry fees that would not be on the account latest on the closing date would be considered unpaid. Each exhibitor must state the variable symbol. For foreign payments, state the variable symbol in the information column. It is not needed to send a copy of payment, the payment is identified by the variable symbol only.  

Entry cancellation it is NOT possible.

In case of refund of fees for any other reason, the costs associated with the refund of the fee in the amount of € 10 will be deducted from the amount of the exhibition fee.

If the show will not held for reasons of superior force, the show fees will be used to cover the costs.

Exhibition fees for the not accepted entries will be returned to the account from which they were paid within 30 days after the end of the show. No need to send a request.