Slovak Elite Puppy Show
Slovak Elite Minor Puppy Winner
Slovak Elite Puppy Winner

General Provisions

The show is organised according to the reglements of the SKJ and the regulations issued by the organizer. Only dogs registered with the stud books recognised by the FCI can enter the show.

Each dog must be uploaded to the online system by the owner. 

Every entry form must include a clearly readable copy of dog’s pedigree (puppy card, matrika and other matrika documents are not accepted!).No dog can be accepted to the show without this, therefore it is useless to enter this dog to the online system and fill in the entry form. 

The organiser may refuse to accept the application without stating the reason.

If the show will not be held for the unforeseen cases, the exhibition fees will be used to cover the expenses. 

The organiser cannot be held responsible for damages caused by/to a dog. The owner is responsible for any damages caused by the dog. 

A judge is obliged to disqualify aggressive dogs. 

Provoking dogs against each other is not allowed. 

It is forbidden to prepare a dog with any substance that will alter the structure, colour or form of the coat, skin or nose. 

Only trimming, clipping, combing and brushing are allowed.

Double handling from outside of the ring is forbidden. 

It is strictly forbidden to leave dogs tied up on trimming tables except the time they are being prepared for the show (trimmed, brushed or combed). Violation of these rules will result in disqualifying the dog from the competition.

Selling puppies at the exhibition grounds is strictly forbidden!

The online catalog will be published on the website www.skjshows.sk/elite on the day of the exhibition from 8 am, it is not published in printed form.

You can view the statistics by class after logging in into the online system.
The entry confirmation will be available after logging in into the online system app. 5 days before the show.
The map of rings and the show grounds will also be available 5 days before the show at the show website.
Attached to the entry confirmation will be the catalogue numbers of your dog(s), which can be found on the following page of the entry confirmation. It is needed to print them out and bring them with you to the show as they will not be handed out at the show. With these numbers you will enter the ring, eventually the main ring also.
It is not valid to just show the entry confirmation in your mobile application, they are only valid if printed out.

The exhibitors are responsible for safeguarding and the welfare of the dogs at dog shows. It is forbidden to put the dog in a situation that can be dangerous for its health and welfare, such as leaving it in the car in hot or cold weather and/or treating it in a cruel manner. Violation of these rules will result in exclusion from the ongoing and future dog shows.

The judges are judging the dogs according to the valid standards issued by the FCI. The judge is allowed to refuse to judge a dog that is late for his class. The judge is obliged to refuse to judge a dog, whose owner is not able to provide the dog´s pedigree when asked by the ring steward.

In breeds where the standard does not allow docking/cropping, it is upon the decision of the judge not to judge this dog, as there is an indication of an operation being done with a purpose of correcting the natural state of the body feature (e.g. docked tail, cropped ear). The reason why a CANNOT BE JUDGED mark was given must be clearly stated in the critique.

The show organiser have the right not to allow participation on final competitions to a handler, that don´t have demonstrating the catalogue number of the dog!