Victory Show Bratislava

Info for exhibitors

Victory Show BIS 19.01.2024

Champion of Champions SK 2023
Judges: Ridarčíková Gabriela, Jursa Jozef, Matyáš Jaroslav, Václavík Miroslav, Havelka Tibor

Champion of Champions SK 2023
SPKP 1942, 31.05.2021
Breeder: Baran Ján, Owner: Esatovski Saban

Res. Champion of Champions SK 2023
SPKP 2047, 14.02.2021
Breeder and owner: Potrok Milan

III. Champion of Champions SK 2023
Australian Shepherd BÉĎA SRDCOVÉ ESO
CMKU/AUO/5917/19, 06.11.2019
Breeder: Hodová Zuzana, Owner: Medvecký Marek + Chodásová Natália

Photo credit: Ladislav Hájek

Victory Show JBIS 19.01.2024

Junior Champion of Champions SK 2023
Judge: Piskay Vladimír, SK

Junior Champion of Champions SK 2023
Dachshund Langhaar BRONNSON BIG MARLEY
SPKP 7239, 23.04.2022
Breeder: Molnárová Lucia, Owner: Molnárová Lucia + Mandáková Martina

Res. Junior Champion of Champions SK 2023
Československý vlčiak ARAGORN MALÝ BYSTEREC
SPKP 4688, 02.01.2023
Breeder: Medvecký Ľuboš, Owner: Bilovský Lukáš

III. Junior Champion of Champions SK 2023
Fox Terrier Smooth (Hladkosrstý) FANN OD MÁNIČKY
CLP/FXH/39762, 04.03.2022
Breeder: Ježková Martina, Owner: Švéda František

Photo credit: Ladislav Hájek

  • Registration for the exhibition is only possible online at www.onlinedogshows.sk. Dear user, please, do register in the system only once. Do register your dog/s in the system only once. If you need to make changes to your dog’s card in the online system, or if you have forgotten your login details, please, contact the organizer at [email protected].
  • Acceptance of the application will be confirmed with an entry letter approximately 5 days before the exhibition. The entry letter will then be available in the online system www.onlinedogshows.sk, where dog owners can easily print it. Catalog numbers are also part of the entry letter, numbers are not issued at the exhibition.
  • The mini-catalogue will be published on the exhibition website about a week before the exhibition. In it you will find the circles, the timetable for the entry of the breeds into the circles. If your breed will be judged among the last, it is not necessary to be at the show from the beginning.
  • The online catalog will be published on the website www.skjshows.sk/en/victory-show/ on each day of the exhibition, no earlier than 1 hour before the start of judging. The catalog is not issued in printed form.
  • Recording of the results into the Pedigrees and the awarding of prizes will take place in a reserved area, which will be marked on the show map in catalog.
  • Issuing of the diploma of the Slovakian Champion will take place in the reserved area of the Slovak Kynological Union (SKJ), the place will be marked on the map of the show map in catalog.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to create a unique memory in the photo booths that we will prepare for you and your dogs in the halls of the exhibition.

We wish you a pleasant experience and look forward to your visit !