Victory Show Bratislava

Programm 31.03.2023

Starting at 07:30  Admission of dogs

Starting at 09:30  Judging in rings

Group The breed ring judge + choosing the 3 junior and veteran finalists Choosing the eight (or 4) semi-finalists from the adults, together with the breed ring judge
FCI 1 Östlund-Holmsten Maritha, SE Ridarčíková Gabriela, SK
FCI 2 Bispo Pedro Ivo, PT Matyáš Jaroslav, SK
FCI 3 Denk Csaba László, HU Matyáš Jaroslav, SK
FCI 4 Piskay Vladimír, SK Jursa Jozef, SK
FCI 5 Mikolková Betinská Zuzana, SK Ridarčíková Gabriela, SK
FCI 6 Piskay Vladimír, SK Jursa Jozef, SK
FCI 7 Ahrens Hana, AT Jursa Jozef, SK
FCI 8 Pocas Joao Vasco, PT Matyáš Jaroslav, SK
FCI 9 Beke Judit, HU Ridarčíková Gabriela, SK
FCI 10 Kochan Anna, PL Matyáš Jaroslav, SK
Non recognized breeds Zembjaková Mária, SK Ridarčíková Gabriela, SK The judge in ring + choice of 1 progressing from FCI group
Puppy champion class Vondrouš Otakar, CZ

The choice of the semi-finalists for the main ring is done in the breed ring upon finalizing the breed judging of all breeds within the group!

12:30 Slovakia Dog Cup 2022 winners
13:00 Elite Puppy BIS competition from Slovak Elite Puppy show Vondrouš Otakar, CZ
13:10 Junior & Veteran Trophy BIS from Slovak Junior & Trophy show Václavík Miroslav, CZ
13:20 Awarding of the Puppy Champion of Champion winners     Piskay Vladimír, SK

Awarding winners of the Junior groups (three placements in each group) chosen by the breed ring judges according to the groups

14:00 Awarding of the Junior Champion of Champion winners Havelka Tibor, SK

Awarding winners of the Veteran groups (three placements in each group) chosen by the breed ring judges according to the groups

14:30 Awarding of the Veteran Champion of Champions Piskay Vladimír, SK

A short break for preparation of the main ring for the K.O. system of adult finalists. (11 competitions, each group separately)

14:50 The K.O. system competition of the adult semi-finalists according to the groups (three placements)

(for 8 or 4 semifinalists from each group)

Ridarčíková Gabriela, SK

Jursa Jozef, SK

Matyáš Jaroslav, SK

Espeland Borge, NO

Inzoli Massimo, IT

16:40 Awarding of winners of Champion of Champions national breeds, hunting breeds and working breeds.
16:55 Awarding of the Champion of Champions from the adult classes (All 11 group winners compete, the placements are figured according to the sum of points awarded by the five judges in the final adult competitions.)
17:10 End of the show