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Slovak Elite Puppy Winner


The Board of SKJ would like to announce that due to the current epidemiological situation in the Slovak Republic and the prognosis for the year 2020, it has decided to cancel the postponed Victory show – the Champion of Champions, Slovak Elite Puppy Show, Junior & Veteran Trophy and National Dog Show.
All the paid entry fees will be refunded to the exhibitors.
We apologize to the exhibitors for the problems and wish all the dog people to get smoothly through this difficult situation, wishing good health to all in the coming days.

The Board of SKJ

As of 1.1.2018 cards CAJC, CAC, res.CAC, BOB, BOS, BOJ will no longer be issued.


For breeds for which courier is not allowed, the judge may decide that the dog does not assess suspicion of operations intended to correct the original condition or traits (eg a docked ear, a docked tail). The reason why the CAN NOT BE JUDGED was awarded must be stated in the report.


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